Knaggi is an artist duo consisting of Arngrímur Borgþórsson (b. 1979, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland) and Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway). They work in Malmö, Sweden, and have been collaborating since 2011.

Knaggi has exhibited at various venues in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland, including Malmö Konsthall (SE), Galleri 2 (Lofoten, NO), SÍM gallery (Reykjavík, IS), Oslo Prosjektrom (NO), Supermarket Art Fair (Stockholm, SE), Galleri Pictura (Lund, SE), Fotografiska (Stockholm, SE) and Photographic Centre Peri (Turku, FI).

Their collaborative work focuses, among other things, on the ethical, evolutionary, cultural and social implications of living and co-existing with the internet and technology as a presence in our everyday lives. Contemporary culture envelopes us in virtual reality, and while the substance it consists of may be ethereal, the contents exist in reality and have substantial influence beyond the confines of the computer. It is on those boundaries of the digital and the physical which the majority of their collaborative work takes place. A key aspect in their work is creating physical objects from material which only existed digitally before the creation of the object. These are the building blocks of their collaborative work. Their individual works often strike a similar cord, which is one of the reasons for their collaboration. The ever-present thread running through their body of work is a continuous anthropological examination of human behavior.