Umeå to Malmö (2013)
C-print on transparent film, A4 menu holders in acrylic glass and painted MDF.
144 cm x 191 cm x 30,5 cm

Umeå to Malmö consists of 19 free-standing, transparent framed panes and an oblong base. The images on the transparent panes are screenshots, taken at each of the directional waypoints from Umeå (Sweden) to Malmö (Sweden) using street-view mode in Google Maps. Each of the panels bears the same title as the directional waypoint the screenshot is taken at (i.e. Head south on route E4). The result is a sculpture which turns the virtual journey into a physical object which can be viewed in three dimensions and can be approached from any direction. The panels have enough space between them to be viewed individually at an angle. Since the panels are transparent, the end of the journey, from either direction is barely visible as the layers become translucent when viewed head on, from the starting points, creating a virtual horizon formed by the opacity of viewing multiple panes.

“Umea to Malmö” was shown at the exhibition 24 SPACES - A cacophony at Malmö Konsthall (SE) from 4/5-18/8 2013.
Photo: Tommy Persson